• darkblurbg


As a student I was already fascinated by the circus: the artists who were so inspiring and skilled, the cross-overs with other art disciplines, and the approachable work field made me realize I wanted to get involved in that scene. Circus is an artform that can touch everyone, I want to make that possible. 

I discovered the love for circus in Rotterdam during my internship at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg (2010). they matched me to Circusstad Festival. Armed with a lot of curiosity and never-ending energy I entered the world of circus. I wanted everyone to know that circus was in town.

After I graduated from the studies mediamanagement and theatre management I decided to start for my own. Since the end of 2015 i’m active in the cultural sector with expertise in marketing and management, main focus on circus. I work with with artists and companies that are driven and aspire high quality performances. 


Circus is an artform which contains tension, marvel and laughter all in one discipline. It exalts being different from a problem to art.


I want to make sure everyone gets to know circus like I do. At this moment there’s still a dusty image that cleaves to circus, especially in The Netherlands, and I want to change that. Circus is an experience that makes you want to sit on the edge of your seat.